Preschool Activites: Play Dough Fun

Melody has been having a blast lately rolling, squishing, sculpting, and molding play dough! Seriously you can’t go wrong in giving any preschooler play dough whether store bought or homemade (  as long as they aren’t the kind of kid that would try to eat it…but no worries if that happens because play dough is non-toxic!) . If any parent, grandparent, or caregiver is looking for an inexpensive tool  to provide hours upon hours of fun and learning this summer, play dough of any kind is the way to go!!

My daughter has quite the imagination and it thrills me to see her creativity run wild! She’s been making foods, animals, random shaped objects of all kinds. She loves when I join her in play too. We like to compare each others work, suggestions on mixing things up and giggles totally ensue every time!

Last week was Melody’s 4th birthday and she was surprised with several play dough sets (Play-Doh Picnic Bucket Playset & Play Doh Animal Activities Bucket ) from her Aunt and some pretty knifty and quite affordable dough tools that Mommy and Daddy picked up at a local learning store for gifts.

This particular set of dough tools consists of Flower Roller, Round Cutting Roller, Zig Zag Cutting Roller, Double-sided Large Hobby Craft Tool & Plastic Blade. I found the tools to be very durable and I imagine will last for a long time. I may have to get another set for my son within the next year or so!

I highly recommend this set for home or school use and it’s great that you can buy all the tools without having to buy an entire set that includes dough that you may already have.

I found the exact set of  Dough Tools – 5 Piece Set that we got my daughter on for $7.07 in price.  If you have a learning store nearby, I’d check there first if you want to save a few bucks ( we spent about $3.00 on ours!) .