Music Review: Putumayo Kids Cowboy Playground

The latest toe-tapping release from Putumayo Kids’ acclaimed Playground series

“The legend and lore of the Wild West holds a strong allure for kids and grown-ups alike. Whether it conjures up images of cowboys riding ponies across the wide-open range or singing songs by the campfire, music of the old West represents a great American tradition that holds a timeless appeal.

Putumayo Kids captures the freedom of the cowpoke’s life with Cowboy Playground, a galloping collection of songs by artists such as Western music stalwarts Riders in the Sky andDon Edwards. Children’s cowboy music star Buck Howdy sings his funny tall tale tune “Pecos Bill” while classics including “Home on the Range” (recorded just for this release by Oregon children’s artist Victor Johnson), “Whoopie Ti Yi Yo” (performed by Canadian artist-rancher Ian Tyson) and “Don’t Fence Me In” ( jazzily arranged for Putumayo Kids by Seattle kids’ artist Johnny Bregar) are familiar even to city slickers. At the end of the day, as millions of stars twinkle in the sky, the Dale Evans-inspired band Cowboy Envy wishes everyone “Happy Trails.”

My Thoughts…

Cowboy Playground by the Putumayo World Music Label, is a delightful new addition to our growing collection of titles. Kids of all ages are sure to be quite taken hearing many different songs about Cowboys! Sounds included that I recall from growing up are Home on the Range and Happy Trails. There were many other sounds that are quite catching that I’d never heard before like Riders in the Sky, Don’t Fine Me In, and Close ’em on Up!

The many musical tracks that make up this cd sound great and and will probably be sung around here by both my son and daughter! This is totally a fun cd that both kids and adults can enjoy, just be warned there will probably be quite a a lot of Whoopee Ti Yi Yo’s going on after listening. I know that it defienytly puts me in the mood to watch a few good Ole western movies (John Wayne anyone?)!

I highly recommend Putumayo Kids Cowboy Playground to children of all ages.  I couldn’t help but think what a great CD this would be to bring along on a road trip heading to a camping trip and a clever addition to a cowboy make believe play date or Birthday party!

Putumayo Kids CDs are available through retailers in more than 80 countries. With dozens of CDs and a new World Culture collection of products, the company is committed to introducing children to the world through engaging international music.

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