Happy 4th Birthday Melody!

Melody had a wonderful 4th birthday! We this last Saturday at a local pizza joint with family followed by a trip to one of our favorite parks (per request of the birthday girl herself). Melody received lots of fun presents in which I am sure that’ll get a lot of use! Some of the things she got and that are perfect for a four year old girl are a purse,  write on and wipe off activity books, a microscope, a pair of binoculars, a couple of play dough sets, a watch, a neat origami set.

Instead of a cake, we made cupcakes! It was my first time using a frosting gun and I under compensated how much frosting I would need to frost two dozen cupcakes! Oops. No worries as there were enough purple (Melody’s favorite color) frosted cupcakes to share with everyone. Melody was thrilled  that I let her help decorate the cupcakes with sprinkles of all sorts of shapes and colors. 

As an added treat Melody got to spend the entire afternoon of her birthday with both her Papa and Grandma since Mommy and Daddy had some plans away from home. She told me she got a special ice cream and a balloon from Burgerville. Overall, I’ll have to say even though it was pretty low key, she had a great relaxed 4th birthday!