Book Review: Farm Fresh Southern Cooking Straight from the Garden to Your Dinner Table By Tammy Algood

The Farm Fresh Southern Cooking cookbook for me is a taste and reminder of home. My mother being raised in the deep south brought to the table food that was just as tasty as it was comforting. I grew up enjoying meals that included many fresh pickings from our own and family and friends gardens. And am thrilled to be reminded and challenged to bring to my own family’s table delicious meals that are healthy and encourage us to know where our produce is coming from, supporting our own local farmers thanks to this great cookbook by Tammy Algood.

As you open the book, you’ll find a table of content which includes; Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Sides, Breads, Entrees, Desserts, Breakfast and Brunch, and Canning Instructions followed by acknowledgments and a helpful index. Each food catagory has a list of all the recipes in that section followed by Spotlights. The Spotlights are of local farms sharing about various fruits, vegetables, etc. For example one of the first spotlights in the book is on “Honey” the farmer being interviewed talks about how they craved a simple life of making honey and how and why they chose to do that. Reading the Spotlights in the book whether on honey, figs, herbs, or pecans, has been a real treat. In my eyes, this a cookbook that keeps on giving in more than one way.

The photos of the food are warm, inviting, and real. I love real photos when it comes to food! No airbrushing, or photo tunning. Real because that’s the way it should be presented as that will be how it looks coming to our own tables.

There are many recipes in this book, I’m just dying to whip up! The ingredients are usually something that I have in my own home and easy enough to find in your local store or farmers market. Over Easter, I happened to make the “Orange Hugged Carrots” and it was a hit with my family. So glad that even my very picky three year old even gave them a thumbs up!

If you are looking for a taste of home or just inspired to bring to the table something different from down south, I highly recommend this book. And with Mother’s Day around the corner, I’d think about presenting her with this one for sure.

Buy it: You can purchase Farm Fresh Southern Cooking: Straight from the Garden to Your Dinner Table on for 11.99 (Kindle Version) or $16.49 (print version.

I received this book free from the publisher through the Book Sneeze, book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.