Special Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day with your Family

Mothers have a special place in Christianity and within the family. From Biblical mothers (think Mary’s birth inside a barn) to moms of today, there’s no job quite so important as tending to your own personal flock. And, while some might deem Mother’s Day a “Hallmark holiday,” I personally think there’s no better reason to have a holiday than to celebrate the women in your life. But what to do this May when your family asks you how you’d like to celebrate? Here are some options for you and your family to consider.

  • Scrapbook: This is an excellent option if you’re like me and have drawers full of current and old family photos. You don’t have to get to crazy with scrapbooking materials; even if you’re just slipping photos into photo albums, it can be a great bonding experience to look at family pictures. Your kids will ask about the setting and events in interesting snaps they come across, and this process can make you all feel more connected to each other and the family unit. For more information on the psychology of children and family, check out Top Psychology Schools.
  • Have a picnic: Going out to eat is a tradition for many families on Mother’s Day. While this is a fine tradition, the best restaurants are often crowded and waiting for a table can take the fun out of the meal. Consider packing a lunch and hitting up a local park or even your backyard instead.  
  • Make brunch: Or, as an alternative to the picnic idea, stay home and make brunch for mom. Whether it’s Belgian waffles, pancakes, or BLTs, all moms appreciate a little pampering in the kitchen from time to time. And don’t forget to clean up! 
  • Go on a retreat: If you’re a spouse looking to reaffirm the bonds with your wife, consider going on a retreat for Mother’s Day weekend. You can hit up a cabin in the woods, go car camping, or book a weekend at a Christian retreat. Individuals with Christian counseling degrees can help you explore your spiritual growth as a couple and as individuals.
  • Head to nature: Whether it’s a local beach or regional nature preserve, there’s nothing quite like getting away from all the screens in your life for a few hours. The other great thing about nature: the quiet! Have a nice walk around and enjoy the peace before you head back to your busy life.


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