Music Review: Orange Sherbert’s Delicious

Delicious encourages adventurous eating as it moves happily through the seasons of the year, with songs ranging from the jazz-influenced title track exploring the many flavors of food to a rock anthem in praise of waffles! Other highlights include “Farmers’ Market,” in which folk and rock combine with a dash of pop and a pinch of gospel, and “Chase That Pig,” where opera meets Zydeco. There’s even a nod to Santana in the Latin infuse “Rice and Beans,” a song that is also a Puerto Rican recipe taught to Steve Pierce by Tamsen’s husband, Eduardo. The album’s finale, the “Garden Song,” was inspired by the simplicity of Kaulana Kanekoa and Vince Esquire’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” with just three voices and ukulele, recorded live.

Our Thoughts…

Orange Sherbert’s Delicious is fun album for children with a main theme that encourages eating and exploring new flavors while moving through each and every season song by song to the end of album. I really enjoyed this CD as I love gardening and preparing meals for family and friends! I’m currently focusing on teaching these skills and privileged ability to each of my children. I think it’s important to teach children to love and respect the earth also since it’s our food source and I like that this collection of songs encourages in it’s own way to children to try new things to eat.

There are 17 songs total which total about 40 minutes. A few of our favorites are Garden Song (Inch by Inch), Tea Time, and Through the Seasons though we really love them all!

I highly recommend this CD for children of all ages! It’s a great collection encouraging families to eat, grow, prepare, and enjoy all types of food. Be warned though, you’ll probably be hungry after listening. So listen after eating, or listen while cooking and be inspired by thoughtful, fun songs that not only your kids will love but parents too!

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