Book Review: UnBEElievables: Honeybee Poems and Paintings

UnBEElievables: Honeybee Poems and Paintings is a one of a kind book that teaches children all about the world of Honey Bees. In the beginning of the book you are introduced to the Hive with a poem titled “Welcome!” which also includes an educational fact about the home of the honey bees. There is also a fun crayon type illustrations of the honey bees in their hive spelling out the word welcome.

As children continue through the book, they’ll learn about the anatomy of bees, the different types in the hive, the bees life cycle, how they bees navigate, and much more! The short poems and the educational facts, open the door for many questions. My daughter for one that’s almost four years old, really enjoyed this book. And I know for a fact that she’s begun to see bees in whole new light!

Being fun, interesting and informative, this book would be wonderful for home or school use.  Hands down a great resource for scientific exploration and lesson plans. I recommend picking up a copy for yourself, especially with the Summer season right around the corner!

You can find UnBEElievables: Honeybee Poems and Paintings on Amazon $11.55 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.00.