Review and Giveaway: Re-Play Dishes, A must have for all family’s with younger children!

I’ve been through so many different brands of cups, plates, utensil, and bowls to use for my children. And time again and again, many of these items just haven’t held up very well. I was really disappointed in the quality and the price of the products alone really hoping and assuming that they would last for several years instead of only a few months time.

Other new mothers would ask my suggestion on which dishes I would recommend they use with their own children and I would be coming up with answers but usually that included me saying this can do this well but be careful because this leaks or isn’t dishwasher safe, and the list goes on because there was really not a dish that could do everything that would be beneficial to the child, parent, and the environment.

I had almost given up on finding the perfect dish ware for my children until I was asked to review a brand new line of durable tableware that’s not only environmentally friendly but affordable! Seriously, I thought it’s claims sounded to good to be true after being disappointed time and time again. I’m pleased to say I was persuaded and won over otherwise thanks to reviewing Re-Play products for myself first hand!

Re-Play products are dish ware specifically geared toward boys and girls that are free of BPA, PVC and Phthalates and manufactured, assembled and tested in the USA. Re-Play uses FDA approved plastics from recycled milk jugs to make their slotted plates, bowls, sippy cups and utensils.

I’ve been using Re-Play products for my nearly four year old daughter and my one year old son for about a month now. I really wanted to make sure the dishes got a lot of use before I spread the word about them. We were sent the entire line and I must say I’m very impressed with every single thing. I love I can use these for both my kids and since my son learned how to feed himself early on, I am very to have dish ware that he can so easily use on his own!

Features  I LIKE:

The Spoon has a deep scoop for children learning to use utensils & the Fork has durable, rounded tips for your child’s safety. They are just the right size for a child to grasp easily.

The No Spill Cup has a one piece, which is very easy to clean. The silicone valve keeps your child’s travels leak-free and you can easily buy replacements if you need some new ones!

The Divided plate has deep walls which is great for children beginning to learn how to feed themselves. The plate has four sections that provides a great way to teach portion control and to present a well balanced meal at every sitting.

Other pros are that not only the bowls, but the plates  stack well into each other freeing my cabinet of un-needed and un-wanted clutter! All Re-Play products are top rack dishwasher safe. And these products are extremely sturdy being dropped, thrown, and stepped on by my children, kids will be kids and products need to be able to stand up to that!

Overall Thoughts… There’s nothing I dislike about these products, in fact I hope they will possibly offer some different options in the future for older kids too like regular cups and maybe even some storage bowls. Re-Play products are great for the wallet, good for your children, and and exceptional choice for the enviroment! Five out of five from our family!

You can purchase Re-Play products from prices ranging from $4.99 to $10.99. Check out the colors, styles, and where you can find these products at

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