Music Review: I Am Happy with Sukey Molloy

I’m excited to spread the news that Sukey Molloy, recent winner of a NAPPA, Children’s Music Web, Preferred Choice, and Mom’s Choice Awards winner is releasing her third music album on the 24th of April, “I Am Happy”.

Sukey’s latest album “I Am Happy” features 18 fun filled songs that make the CD about 40 minutes long. This album went over great with my children (ages nearly four and fourteen months old). As soon, as the CD started playing, my kids started acting out the movements mentioned in the songs, dancing, and singing along. The songs were pleasantly upbeat and not over the top, I was pleased for the mellowness and I loved seeing how interactive my children became with it.

A few of the songs that I’m a fan of are “The Counting Song”, a song that teaches children how to count to ten in English, Spanish, German, French, and Japanese! “Raindrops” a song that celebrates the rain (
which we see almost everyday in Oregon) and talks about what things to wear when out in the rain, and my daughter’s most favorite activity, puddle jumping!

The songs are catchy in lyrics and in tune. I’ve even found myself humming the songs through out the day! I love that I can see my children not only having fun but learning things in the process! Overall, we highly recommend “I Am Happy” to parents and educators of children up to the age of five.

You can learn more about this title at:! Also be sure to check out Sukey’s Circle! DVD on

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