Book Review: Sweet Dreams by Rose A. Lewis & Illustrated by Jen Corace

My children so enjoy and look forward to their evening bedtime stories. As a mother, I see bedtime stories as a wonderful opportunity and privilege to spend time in building memories that will last a lifetime in being passed down from generation to generation. One of our new favorites for bedtime recently is a from the Abrams Books For Young Readers line called “Sweet Dreams”.

Sweet Dreams is a endearing bedtime story about a mother preparing her daughter for bed by telling her about all the near by animals and their nighttime activity. I appreciate how the story is written in lyrical rhyming way that makes the book flow rather nicely when reading aloud. And the illustrations are simply beautifully done in pen, ink, and watercolor. I honestly wish I could frame some of pictures of the animals in their natural environments from the book on my wall . My favorite picture by far in the book is one of three baby owls sitting in their nest waiting for their mother to return with a meal.

I so adore this book and am pleased my daughter has asked to have it read several nights in a row. I ponder if after hearing this story if she is whisked away into dreams filled with of all the animals mentioned in the story starting at dusk and ending at dawn. The book as a whole is comforting, sweet, and will leave your child feeling safe and secure all snuggled up tightly in bed.

You can purchase Sweet Dreams  on for $10.95 and it’s also eligible for free shipping.

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