Book Review: Peepsqueak!

Peepsqueak is a cute story that teaches and reminds us the importance of never giving up on your hopes and dreams no matter how big or small that they may be. This story is written by Leslie Ann Clark an artist and designer whom has worked on books, magazines, greeting cards, puzzles, fabric designs, and more. This is her first book and I’m sure it won’t be her last.

Peepsqueak went over well with both of my children ages three year old and a little over 1. The colorful full page illustrations of the farm and surrounding areas were fun for the kids to look at. And my daughter even pointed out that there was a little gray mouse that made an appearance on almost every page in which the little chick was on.

The story isn’t too long or to short. I would say it’s just right. This book would be great for a beginning readers too, in my opinion. I like how certain words in the text stand out and go along well with the story being told. For example with Peepsqueak falls down the text gradually goes in down toward the bottom of the page and when he’s going up, the text rises up to the top of the page. Also certain phrases that are repeated in the story stand out with color and size.

This would be a cute book to give either a young boy or girl during the Spring season. I know both my kids enjoyed the simpleness to it and I’m sure others will too.

You can see a book trailer for Peepsqueak  and download a maze based on Peepsqueak! [PDF] for the kids too!

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