Book Review: Pantone Colors

I am a graphic designer. Though after the birth of my children, designing has taken a backseat because it consumes a lot of time, time I’d rather be spending shaping my children. My love however to continue to create in many ways still remains and designing illustrations will return in the right season and time. But until then, I will continue to let everything around me inspire for future projects, you honestly can never really turn that off. Anything can spark an image, an idea, and so on. And speaking of inspiration, have I ever found a book after my own heart in Abrams Young Readers Spring collection called “Pantone’s Colors “.

Pantone Colors is beautifully done in a style that not only children but adults will delight in. Throughout this book, the 9 basic colors, each represented by an image such Pink for Pig, Red for Wagon, Green and there’s a frog pictured and so on. Where this book takes a twist not seen any many if any other color themed children’s book is that it displays 20 different shades of each main color. It’s a great way to teach children about lighter and darker shades and the fact that with any color, there are numerous color tones within.

My children adore this book, especially my three year old daughter. She points to the different shades of colors and asks me what the name for it is. She’s even started telling me what her favorite shades are and which one she doesn’t like as much. A feature I am extremely partial to is that the actual Pantone Number is included on each color swatch in the book making this a great reference that I’ll be looking to use in the future of my illustrations works as a graphic designer.

I highly recommend this book for those of all ages. It’s a wonderful learning tool, a conversation starter, and a work of art all by itself to display proudly in your home.

If interested, you can purchase Pantone: Colors on for $9.95 and it’s also eligible for free shipping.

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