Book Review: Huff & Puff: Can You Blow Down the Houses of the Three Little Pigs?

Most if not all children grow up being told and taking to heart the story of the Three Little Pigs and that big bad wolf that would huff and puff and blow all those houses down. My children know this story well in and out with no surprise in-between. That is until just recently when I introduced a version of this tale called “Huff and Puff” by author Claudia Rueda that puts a fun unexpected twist on this classic story!

In this version of the Three Little Pigs, it allows for the children being read to as well as the reader, to play the part of the big bad wolf. Through this tale children can interact thanks to the unique three interior die-cut holes to blow the houses down created by the little pigs. My daughter got a real kick out being able to interact and giggled till the story ended!

The illustrations are done in watercolor style with a soft pale pen outline. And the story is written very simply and would be a great early reader book, in my opinion. Myself and my children loved the surprise ending we received as we huffed and puffed after the last little pigs home. We’ve read this book numerous time and would highly recommend it as an engaging book that any young child would enjoy.

You can purchase Huff & Puff: Can You Blow Down the Houses of the Three Little Pigs? for $10.36 and it’s also eligible for free shipping at

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