Book Review: Crafty Chloe

Fancy Nancy meets Martha Stewart in Crafty Chloe, the adorable DIY star of a new picture book series!

As a do it yourself artistic person, I’m rejoicing with a book I can share with my nearly four year old daughter that  wants to be just like me embracing being crafty and creative in numbers of ways. Kelly DiPucchio the author of Crafty Chloe has done a wonderful job in presenting a book that is geared toward children of the artistic persuasion and personality.

Heather Ross, illustrator of Crafty Chloe has done an exceptional job in bringing the characters of this story to life and keeping children engaged in the story. I also learned she is a fabric designer, so it’s no wonder her designs really stand out!  I loved the illustrations and the style was really fun and done in neat artsy way.  I’ve caught my daughter sitting in her room with this book just looking at the illustrations since she can’t read yet.

The story of Crafty Chloe is about a a girl that isn’t the star athlete or ballerina dancer but one who loves to create! When we meet Chloe, we see that she has plans to make a unique gift for her friends birthday even though another girl she knows turns her nose up at the very idea of it!  The story is quite fun and children can learn valuable lessons such as love, value, worth, and care. My daughter loves Crafty Chloe and has been brining the book for me to read to her everyday!

I highly recommend gifting this book to the crafty little girl in your life! An added bonus to the book is the website of Crafty Chloe which features fun crafts suggestion and ideas to create just like the ones seen in the book! I am sure my daughter would thrilled if we decided to make Glow in the Dark star PJ’s Chloe’s.

This 40 page hardcover book can be purchased at for 11.55 right now and it’s eligible for free shipping. This book is perfect for little girls ages 4-8 years old, so don’t miss out on title that will be well loved by the glue and glitter loving little girl in your life.

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