Bob’s Red Mill

On of my recent dates out with my husband, we got the opportunity (thanks to Grandma Becky babysitting the children), to check out Bob’s Red Mill. Bob’s Red Mill is  an  organic-foods mill, store, and café in Milwaukie, OR which is practically a hop, jump and skip away from where we live.

I’m sure North westerners will regonzing the company name right away though people in the south such as my mom may have never heard of them before. I’m sure the number of organic, healthy products are increasing all over the US but I’m  still thinking it’s probably easier to get a hold of these types of products  more around where I live than in Georgia for example.

It was a beautiful day out with spring temperatures and plently of sunshine. We couldn’t have asked for a better day out with each other. We went for lunch but ordered from the breakfast menu at the Bob’s Red Mill Cafe. I ordered scrabbled eggs, grits, spinach, and biscuits. And my gosh, I couldn’t believe the size of those biscuits, I could only finish one and saved the others for the kids.

The food was delicious and we will most defiantly be going back again but next time we’ll opt to try the lunch menu and sit outside if whether permit on their patio. I think it’s awesome that anything you order you could so easily make at home buy purchasing their products right there in the store or at our local grocer.

I love the store, they have a huge variety of organic milled grain products from pancake, biscuits, grits, cornbread, flours, beans, seeds, nuts, dried fruits, spices, herbs, and many more mixes. You can buy small size bags or if you love getting more bang for your buck, you can purchase large 25lb bags! I’m thinking with the way we go through pancake mix and flour, our best bet is going to be going the big bag route. They even have large storage buckets to put your mixes and flours in at home. I love it, one of new favorite places to go. Hoping to go back soon to tour the Mill itself with the kids! I’m sure Melody will be fascinated by the whole process!