Review & Giveaway: Bari Koral Family Rock Band’s CD “Anna And The Cupcakes”

Bari Koral’s Family Rock Band’s latest music CD Anna and the Cupcakes just released this month and we are really excited about it! My daughter Melody was ecstatic when she heard the latest offering playing in our CD player.  She’s currently a huge fan of Bari’s first CD Rock and Roll Garden which became a hit on the family-music scene, won critical acclaim, and became an award winner, including the Nappa Gold and Parent’s Choice silver!  

The songs on Anna and the Cupcakes are catchy, unique, and fun! There are tracks  disappearing cupcakes, a scampering gingerbread man, (“Gingerbread Man”), a cocoon turning into a butterfly, (“Butterfly”), a zooming rocket ship (“Rocket Ship”), a speeding train (“Train Song”), and the poppy/happy cover of the folk-rock band the Avett Brothers’ “Kick Drum Heart,” among others.
Both my children hum, sing along , dance and interact along with a number of the songs on Anna and the Cupcakes! Music styles include pop-rock, country, folk, and blues which all seem to meld surprisingly well together! I asked my daughter what her favorite song was and she said she really liked  the song “Let’s Get Together”. This song talks about all sorts of different animals like monkeys,  crabs, and more. It’s a fun song interactive song that children can act like the animal being mentioned such as slithering like snake, rawring like bears,  swinging like a monkey and more!

We highly recommend Bari Koral’s Family Rock Band’s latest music CD Anna and the Cupcakes! It’s a CD that not only the kids will like but I bet parents will too (I know I do!)! You can purchase this CD $11.58 or digital copy for 7.99 right now on

You can view a companion video for the song “Hearts” here:
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