Organization 2012: Project #1- Clothes, Shoes, Kid Toys…

I haven’t been blogging at all this week because I’ve been busy tackling a very important resolution for 2012 that I made. This resolution is to get my home organized. I’ve started with the most challenging and time consuming area which is/was to go through and get rid of donate/swap clothes, shoes, and out grown and unplayed with toys. It wouldn’t have gotten to be as out of hand that it became if I was able to go through things when we moved into our duplex a couple of years ago. But as what happened was that I got pregnant right away and was feeling down and out for 16 weeks time. And by that time I was LARGE in the belly with child and it wasn’t really the best idea to go moving this and that in the garage.

I figured I’d put it off till after I had my baby but once again, I didn’t get to it! I was consumed with my new baby, potty training, and kept telling myself I’d save it all for my next baby. Then I thought I again, people could be using all of this, I could be swapping it out so as to by new needed clothes for my family…. Did I really want it to be dragged around place after place in a box for the next five years? No, I didn’t! So as hard as it was to say good bye to the adorable little out fits my son and daughter once worn I’m glad I’m doing it. Getting rid of so many things is very freeing. I feel as if a huge burden has been lifted. And it makes me so happy to meet other mother’s that will be enjoy and getting as much use of the items as I once did. In fact most of the things I have is because another family passed them along to me as well.

So where exaclty is it going? Well, I’ve been using one of my favorite swapping site called Thred Up! Thred Up is a company that you can buy and sell your kids outgrown clothes. I LOVE Thred Up and have swapped and recieved many great items for my family!  I think it’s a great way to save money! I often have found it more affordable than shopping at Goodwill and my local consignment stores.

Right now my living room looks like it should be featured in an episode of Hoarders. I’m working on getting all of this moved within two weeks time. I’m happy to say I’ve already shipped about 8 boxes out and working on more.  And whatever doesn’t get picked on Thred Up is either going to my local goodwill or I’ll send it in through Thred Up’s concierge service to see what I possibly can get for it.

Swapping is helping me be able to get my children new clothes for 2012. We are in need of petite or slim sized 4t clothes. I’m mainly looking for dresses, leggings, socks, and size 9-10 shoes for her.  And for my son, he’s starting to grow out of his 12 month and we are on the search for 18 months shorts, tops, socks, and light spring/summer jackets.  I’m a bit picky when it comes to their clothes. We aren’t sports fans of over here so for Owen I’m looking for anything but sports…! And for my daughter, she likes robots, unicorns, Sanrio, Fairy… not really into princess stuff. So getting rid of things is helping me also take inventory of what we need. My next project is going to be the kitchen!

Are you tackling anything this year?