2011…Oh what a year!

2011 was quite a year. It was full of joy, happiness, sadness, anger, brokenness, blessings, and just full whirlwind of emotions brought on by events very often out of my hands. And I am quite thankful that I have a God that saw me through those good and bad times. Let’s take a look at my 2o11 year.

I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy.  I also was struck in finding out that my Dad was leaving my mom after almost 30 years of marriage and I struggled throughout the year to learn how exactly to cope with that. I will say today January 1st, 2012 I am doing much better in that the initial shock and my bitterness toward him has faded. I am refusing to let the choices of other determine my own actions and behavior in life. It will put you in a rut and get you know where. Prayer is a very strong thing.

I will say getting used to having another child was a bit of challenge but nothing I couldn’t handle. My husband is a tremendous blessing in helping me out around the house and with the kids. I consider myself a lot saner due to his helping hands. I love seeing how well the kids interact with each other. Melody has been a great big sister.

And speaking of Melody… this was the year to see if she could go without medication and be free from her Hypothyroid diagnoses and I write this after coming to a realization that this is something she’ll have for life. I try not to question what I can not change. I give it to God though questions will always arise pertaining to her learning, her behavior, her growth…things that I ponder are normal childhood behavior and actions or are because of her medication. I think that it’s going to continue to be a struggle but I am so blessed to have a Endocrinologist that can answer all my questions, a support group of other parents that have kids with this disorder, a supporting family, and a loving God. He never gives us more than we can bare right?

Melody hit some major milestones this year! She officially was potty trained  before her third birthday! And she started doing preschool at home! We are very excited about 2012 because she’s starting to show interest in learning how to read and I’m jumping all over that by purchasing Hooked on Phonics and other learning aids. I must be a homeschool mother because buying educational material is fun for me. I can’t wait to blog about all our future homeschooling adventures.

During 2011 we went out and about to many places. We enjoyed our local parks, several museums,  farmer’s markets, farms, a 3 day trip to the Coast, a visit to the local zoo, distant relatives visits, and arts and crafts fairs and festivals which included the Fiber Flock Festival which I so can’t wait to check out again! We had a full plate but I so enjoyed it very much.

Personally, I am proud to say that I’ve expanded my knitting skills. It’s something that I am sure has kept my partially sane during 2011. My goal this year is to expand my skills even more and work up a nice amount of things to list on my Etsy shop during the Fall season of 2012. And to use what I have in my yarn stash! So I’ll do best to keep from the craft store for awhile because all those colorful skeins of yarn are very tempting to purchase.

I feel like 2012 will be an awesome year. Why? Well for one, I won’t be as tired ( time for more knitting, more reading, more drawing, more blogging…). Owen is far past his new born stage and is showing signs of possibly sleeping through the night. I’m crossing my fingers on that one. Because since he’s been cutting teeth he’s been waking up every two hours.  I have found many great website locally that I can start planning our family day outings! Yay! And can I say thank God for sites like Groupon and Living Social because we’ve saved so much money on fun trips, and even on grocery vouchers to our local produce vendor!

How was your 2011 and is there anything you’re looking forward to already for 2012?