Holiday Gift Guide 2011: My NapPak {review}

We all know how hard to can be when out and about visiting family and friends and your child starts getting a bit tired. You’d love for your child to lay down somewhere but you hate to inconvenience others by asking for a pillow and blanket  leaving a mess for your host to clean up later. You could drag along your child’s pillow and blanket but who really wants to do all that, especially when you probably have other things to take along and keep up with.   I’m happy to say that there is a solution to this in a product called My NapPak.

My NapPak is an all-in-one sleep mat with attached pillow and fleece blanket! I adore this product more than words can say! It completely rolls up and can be shut using very strong velcro strips. There’s also a carrying handle great for taking this pak along or to hang up to store for trips out. I really like there’s no zipper attached that could potentially break or cause a little child using it to get hurt.

We were sent a NapPak in the Noah’s Ark design to review! It’s really cute and I like that the design is gender natural.  You can  have this product monogrammed with your child’s name on it. There are several options to choose to make it more personal such as choice of type face and color. I decided to just have our last name on it as when my daughter’s grows out of the NapPak, her little brother can use it.

This product holds up really well in the wash. It came out looking just as good as when it went in. I totally value products like this that aren’t to heavy for my washing machine to clean. Because as a mother of small children I know that their things constantly will be in the wash.

As much a I love this product it’s all about how it went over with my three year old daughter. Overall she loved it! It’s just her size at 24″ x 54″ long. She’s already learned how to unroll and roll it back up all on her own. She says the fleece blanket is super soft and very cozy. She can easily carry the nap pak along with her wherever she goes as it only weighs 3lbs. I’m really glad that she was to taken with it. She calls it her special sleeping mat.

Overall, it’s the perfect mat to take along to preschool, daycare, grandma’s house, and wherever else you may be going where your little one could possibly use a nap! You are definitently getting a top quality product! Designs currently available are Cowboys & Indians, Lil’ Princess, Camo, Play Ball, Under the Sea, and the Noah’s Ark.

My NapPak range from 49.99 and up depending if you’d like to monogram the blanket or not. Shipping is $13 for the first mat and $1 each additional map to the same address. This is must have product and it would make a wonderful gift!

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Disclaimer: I was sent the above product mentioned for review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.