Book Review: Hugs from Pearl By Paul Schmid

Hugs from Pearl By Paul Schmid is a cute little story about a porcupine that loves to give her friends hugs. But she finds that this can be somewhat of a problem because of her quills. Pearl decides to try to remedy this in numerous ways through out the story such as trying to  putting pincushions on them, softening them in the tub, and in even more interesting ways. My daughter was quite taken and excited for me to turn to the next page to see what Pearl was going to do next.

The story itself is pretty simple and it’s perfect for young readers. The illustrations are something a child could have drawn themselves and the pastel colors were a nice touch. A cute little tale that encourages searching for solutions and reasoning skills.

This book totally brings up questions and I think encourages discussion about some of the things Pearl was doing and how she was feeling. You can totally ask your child if they’ve ever felt like Pearl and why. Also you can ask what they did or think they can do about it.  This book may not be a must have in every library but I certainly enjoyed it and believe it will be a favorite with my kids and maybe even yours.

Hugs from Pearl can be purchased at for $12.08. This title is also available at other well known book distributors like Barnes and Noble and Powells for $14.99.

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