PackIt, The Freezable Personal Cooler Lunch Bag!

This post brought to you by PackIt. All opinions are 100% mine.

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I just learned about a product that would make our lives so much easier when it comes to packing meals of all kinds when heading out and about. This product is called PackIt which is a freezable personal cooler that is completely non-toxic, earth-safe and reusable!

The PackIt is great solution to using those large ice packs which most people generally use to keep their meals cool. I’m personally not a fan of those bulky ice packs that always seems to come flying out of my cooler causing quite a hazardous situation!

How the PackIt lunch boxes works is that you simply store the folded Packit in the freezer till you are ready to use it. It’s a great size fully opened at 8″x10″x5″ & 8″x5″x2″ when it’s folded up and doesn’t take up much of any space at all before or after use! It can keep the contents inside cool for up to ten hours.

I would use this product for some many things. I’d pack the husbands lunch, snacks for the kids when we are out and about, when traveling by plane since they are safe for airport travel where as similar products are not.

I like this product comes in several different colors and patterns and is made of a easy to clean material which is a must have when dealing with food that occasionally can spill or stain. This is a very practical product that is sure to please! And a much better solution to using non earth friendly ice packs or cubes which can melt and make everything wet to keep your food cool.

Right now there’s a great buy one PackIt for $19.95 and get a second one free deal going on! I would encourage every to take advantage of this  limited time deal!

How would you use the PackIt  if you had one?


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