Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure DVD {review + giveaway}

I’ll admit we are pretty big sci-fi nuts, I guess you could called us galactic geeks. Almost anything to do with outer space whether truth or fiction totally perks our interest. We also are big fans of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse over here and when were heard they were bringing a full length Space Adventure episode to DVD we were very excited to get our hands on it!

Children will be challenged and taught important character traits such as friendship, teamwork, sharing, and problem solving as they follow their favorite Disney characters on a race across the galaxy to find the hidden out-of-this-world treasure all the while avoiding Space Pirate Pete, who wants to steal the treasure all for himself!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure DVD is a two disc combo pack which includes a never before seen exciting episode called “Goofy’s Thinking Cap“. The second disc in the set is a digital copy of the feature film, which you can copy over to any portable device such as an iPad or laptop. And as an added bonus, the DVD set includes a sheet of glow in the dark stickers of your favorite Disney characters!

This DVD is Mickey Mote friendly! The  Mickey Mote  is a child-friendly handheld remote control, shaped like Mickey ears! It’s a great tool to use to make TV time more  hands on and interactive for your preschooler. The mote is a wonderful tool in which the rewards of accomplishment are reaped right away. Kids love being praised and to hear their favorite characters congratulate them on picking the right answers in helping their favorite characters along the way!

The Space Adventure DVD is best geared toward the 2 to 5 year old crowd. Run time is 70 minutes long and the format is widescreen. My children loved following their favorite characters to the Moon, Mars, and the Rings of Saturn! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of the  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD collections to anyone!

Buy it:  Suggested retail price is $19.99, but right now on you can purchase Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure on Amazon.com for $15.99 as of this posting. (prices are likely to change).

I’m excited with the opportunity to giveaway a copy of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure DVD to one of my readers! Please enter below through Rafflecopter. USA and Canda only please.

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