Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Spy Kids 4 “All the Time in the World” on DVD & Blu-Ray! {review & giveaway}

About the DVD:

The action packed franchise is back with the next generation of Spy Kids! Marissa Cortez Wilson (Jessica Alba) has it all: married to a famous spy-hunting television reporter (Joel McHale), with a new baby and intelligent twin step kids, Rebecca (Rowan Blanchard) and Cecil (Mason Cook). When maniacal Timekeeper (Jeremy Piven) disrupts her domestic bliss–threatening to take over the planet–Marissa comes out of retirement as a top secret agent. With Armageddon quickly approaching, Rebecca and Cecil are thrust into action! With a little help from some familiar Spy Kids friends, Carmen (Alexa Vega), Juni (Daryl Sabara), and their faithful dog Argonaut (Ricky Gervais) and some mind-blowing gadgets, they just may be able to save the world!

My review:

After having already seen the first three Spy Kids movies prior Spy Kids 4 “All the Time in the World” I’ll have to say I was very impressed with this film! You’ll be taken on a family friendly adventure full of time traveling and saving the world action.

I loved the story behind this one. It challenges it’s viewers to take time to spend with our family. In our society it seems like we are all tied up in this and that. At the end of our days we are too worn out and end up missing out on those important moments to share with the ones we love. We are taught we can’t go back and change things but a fresh start can happen now.

My 3 1/2 year old daughter was quite taken with the film. She thought it was really cool that kids were getting the chance to save the world. And she kept pointing out the she and her little brother could be like the kids in the film. I wouldn’t put being a spy past her, she’s one smart cookie! She really liked all the neat spy gear too!

If you have a Blu-Ray DVD player, you can also watch the flick in 3D! I can’t share my thoughts on this part since we don’t have a Blu-ray player but I’m sure it’s pretty awesome ! Total run time of the movie is 88 minutes and extra features that are included are cast interviews, deleted scenes, a Spy Kid feature, and more!

I highly recommend the Spy Kids: All the Time in the World DVD. I am sure any kid would love to find this in their stocking or under the tree this Holiday season!

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