Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Customized Champion Me Children’s Books {review + promo code}

Want to give your child a gift that will stand out among the rest, How about making your child the hero of their own story?

Going far beyond simple name insertion, Champion Me Books offers the highest level of customization available for children’s books.  The stories showcase humor, heroics and adventure so that both parent and child will enjoy reading them out loud. These books aid in parent-child bonding, building confidence, and promoting diversity. Every ethnicity is representable. The books are currently being translated into Spanish, with other languages slated to follow.


The Process!

Step #1: Select a Book. You can preview the text from the “Books” page. There are currently four fun titles suitable for both boys and girls to choose from! And you can choose whether you’d like print or e-book format.

Step #2: Create an caricature to look like the child you intend on getting the book for! This step is a lot of fun. You can choose from a variety of faces, eyes, mouths, hair styles, and the specific colors of the  costume that the character will be wearing.

Step #3- You can then preview pages from the book you choose with your created caricature! I had a lot of fun with this option and previewed every story with different created characters before making my purchase.

Step #4 – You can now Order the book you created! But, If you’d like to purchase a gift certificate to the site, you can totally do that too!

A side note is that I think the website was done well. It’s very colorful and user friendly! The About section talks about the creators and illustrators behind the books. I really liked the little snippet about them and that they added photos of themselves as children.
My daughter’s reaction to the soft cover book we created was fantastic! She got really excited to see a book featuring her. And it was the perfect fit because she’s into gadgets and robots! I must say the book was of great quality. The pages were glossy and smooth and the colors really stood out! The story was inspiring and adventurous and my daughter has already asked me to read this one over and over again! I am excited about purchasing a few more of these books for her and for my son!

I was also sent a digital ebook copy of the book I created to view. It looks great on my Android phone and on my original Kindle (even though it’s in black and white). I can’t wait to pull this one up on a color e-reader soon. Sometimes on the go, I would love to read to my child say in a busy waiting room. I think pulling up her favorite book would be a good distraction and  it opens the doors for some one on one bonding time.

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Buy it! How about creating a book for the child or children in your life at Champion Me Books? If you are interested in purchasing, be sure to use the code “connected2christ” for a 5% discount. I think these books would make a wonderful gift for anytime especially now if you are thinking about Christmas gifts!  Paperback books are $24.95 and eBooks (pdf or epub files) are $9.95.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product mentioned for review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.