Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Campfire Kids Lantern by Insect Lore

I’d been looking for a toy light of some kind for my three year old daughter that was built to last. Something that didn’t play high pitched music or repeat annoying phrases, and one that wouldn’t eat batteries for breakfast. I have found everything I’ve been looking for and more in the Campfire Kids Lantern by Insect Lore.

My daughter has been playing with this lantern non-stop since I placed it into her possession. I love when I can hand off a toy to my excited and impatient little one right away thanks to the included batteries. I didn’t have to wrestle this one out of the box either. It was attached with just a few twist ties.

This spiffy little lantern is great for imaginative play! My daughter has pretended to go camping, to explore deep dark caves, and she’s been using it as a night light. This is great for little ones that might have fears of the dark! Sometimes our daughter stays up later at night and we don’t mind as long as she stays in her room and keeps a dimmer light on. This lantern is perfect as it gives off enough light for her to read a book or play with other toys. It’s also been helpful as well to venture through the hallway to the bathroom at night.

Some of the fun features that the Campfire Kids Lantern is that it plays real night time nature sounds. Children can hear howling wolves, croaking frogs, chirping crickets and more. You can flip the switch the other way and turn these sounds off or you can keep them on. I found this pretty neat since we live in the city and rarely does my daughter hear these sorta sounds. Only issue is that it would have been nice to have a volume control switch or button. Another neat effect is that the lantern itself has a woods scene of trees, a moose, the moon, and owl which project on a nearby surface!

Overall this is a great product and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for something of the kind. You can purchase the Campfire Kids Lantern at for $10.00 (regular $20.00) and it’s eligible for free super saving shipping! And if you are interested, this company also has other fun camping themed toys!