Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011 came and went. The kids both had fun, despite the fact Owen had his nine month shots! We took both kids  trick-or treating downtown. Since my daughter is still pretty young,  old we went with the down town  business giving out candy route before it got too dark. My daughter had tons of fun and was really good about taking just one piece of candy and saying thank you to the giver as she went along. We will in a couple of years brave the neighborhoods when the kids are a little older under the eye of mom and dad too of course. Our neighborhood wasn’t very Halloween trick or treat friendly so that’s one of the reasons why we went the route that we did. Later that evening since we’d just watched Captain America  decided to watch something not very scary and family friendly . We rented Thor and were very pleased with the movie! I was quite happy that it was pretty modest and am looking forward to seeing The Avengers next year!

Some people look into an
online associates degree in design
when they love designing creative
things like Halloween costumes.

And now it’s November, how crazy is that? It’s time to plan the menu for Thanksgiving Day! I’m thinking not traditional this year… maybe seafood… who knows!