Fall Fiction Fling Blog Book Tour: Mysterious Ways Frontier Fiction

Welcome to the 2011 Fall Fiction Fling, a weekly month long look into some amazing books hosted by Cladach Publishing. Giveaways, prizes and authors galore are sure to please you. This weeks books are by author Donna Westover Gallup!

A Christmas Story (#1 Mysterious Ways)


Young Charlie is alone on the ranch that sits between the empty prairie and the Rocky Mountains. As he cares for his dying grandpa and tries to figure out how to survive the winter, he keeps remembering the old man’s words: “Failure is not an option, son.”
As the first storm of the season hits, a mysterious mountain man shows up at the isolated ranch and good things start to happen. But can Charlie learn to trust the giant stranger with his one terrible secret? On Christmas day he learns what trust really means.

An entertaining and heartwarming story for the entire family to enjoy during the holiday season and all year.

144 pgs. $9.99

“A touching story that demonstrates the many ways that love of fellow man can be given and the humanity of the Son of God. This is an exciting adventure story while carrying a message of value.” ~ Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

Read Excerpt: http://cladach.com/WASexcerpt.pdf


A Frontier Novel (#2 Mysterious Ways)


Charlie is a young man now with much to learn about himself, the world in which he lives, and the God in whom he has placed his trust. The little ranch at the foot of the Rockies seems to be closing in on him. Seized by restlessness, he sets out to join a cattle drive north across the foothills and prairie to the rip-roaring new town of Denver. On the trail and in the city, Charlie finds the awakenings of love and learns about honor, trust, and the need on the frontier for men who are both tough and tender, who know where to find their strength.

Another entertaining and heartwarming “Mysterious Ways” story for the entire family.

276 pgs. $11.99

“A deftly-written and excellently researched novel that readers are sure to love, it’s highly recommended to western fans everywhere and deserves a place on community library fiction shelves.” ~ Midwest Book Review

Read first chapter: http://cladach.com/RR1stChap.pdf


A Frontier Novel (#3 Mysterious Ways)

When Charlie gets the amazing and unexpected news that he’s now a millionaire, he once again leaves the cozy Colorado ranch at the foot of the Rockies – this time to take the train to Missouri. He encounters Jesse James outlaws, rogue relatives, new romance, and skeletons in the family closet. These adventures test Charlie’s budding manhood, skills, and faith in ways that will entertain and inspire readers of all ages.

256 pgs. $11.99

“A story of secrets, betrayal, friendship and redemption. A continuation of Charlie’s story that builds on the first two books. While the plot of this book stands on its own, knowing the story from the first two books gives depth to the story. I really like the size of this series. The books are larger than a mass media book, but smaller and easier to handle than a traditional trade paper size. Very comfortable.” ~ Author’s Choice Reviews

Read Excerpt (pdf): http://cladach.com/IGPexcerpt.pdf

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