Month: October 2011

Game Review: 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix for WiiWare

Guest Review written by Justin Lowmaster (a.k.a The Husband)

I’ll have to be honest as say I was a bit nonplussed when I started playing 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix. The first mini-game involved using the wiimote to grab a basketball in a 2d sideways view and toss it into the hoop. This is on the same system where I can use motion controls to mimic throwing a real basketball into a hoop in 3d. Many of the games have similar controls schemes. It wasn’t until I unlocked a puzzle game that I found one I really liked. There’s a grid of pipes and there’s oil flowing according to certain rules and you have to anticipate which oil derrick it will exit from. I enjoyed that one.

I didn’t have time to unlock all the games for the review, but the unlocking system provides replay value. The first few games are automatically unlocked. The rest you can buy with points you earn. Any points you gain while playing any game go into a point pool, win or lose. This allows you to play a game as much as you want to unlock more games, without having to master each game, if you happen to dislike one. But if you match or surpass the point threshold of any specific game you get bonus points.

There are a variety of games types and I found a few more I enjoyed while unlocking the ones I did. I do wish the games gave you a clue as to game genre before unlocking it, such as Puzzle, or Sports, or Action, etc.

Some of the games are played will using the wiimote, while others are a bit difficult to play with the wiimote. The games themselves are good mini games and would be fun to pass some time in line, or waiting for things, but one tends to not take a Wii on the go with them. I would recommend you get this game on a DS or Android or iOS or other device before you get it for the Wii. I downloaded the game free for my Nexus S and played some of the same games on there, and I preferred it. The advantage of the Wii version (or other paid version) would be the lack of ads. Something to consider.

Overall, I’d rate this game good, just take into account the platforms you can play it on before paying for the game. You can see a video of the game for yourself here and if you are interested in learning more, check out the game site here.

Disclaimer: I received the above product mentioned for review as a member of the Game Review Network. No compensation was received.