Zhu Zhu Babies {review + party}

Zhu Zhu Babies Fun Time Sleepover Set

They are cute, cuddly and fit into the palm of your hand! The Zhu Zhu Pets line of babies has made it’s way into our home and hearts! And in order to celebrate these fun toys, we worked a end of the summer party around them!

To begin our party we had an afternoon tea decked out with cookies and crackers to cater to the taste children and parents too. Who can refuse home baked cookies right? After our snack, we brought out the Zhu Zhu Babies to be played with and the kids all lit up right away! What’s more exciting than a new fun toy to a child and one as popular as the Zhu Zhu pet was a sure winner.

We got set a whole set of the Zhu Zhu Babies to play with among other things! Each baby comes with its own swaddling blanket, stroller, and three accessories. I love that there’s so many to collect! My personal favorite is the octopus one and my daughter Melody is quite taken with a little pink bird that has a music note on it’s nappy.

One fun thing about the Zhu Zhu’s is that they have plenty of great playsets to collect for the children in your life. The themes of the sets truly are endless. We were sent the Zhu Zhu Baby Fun Time Sleepver set to enjoy at our party. This set is absolutely adorable! It has a three tiered cradle that swings back and forth along with a rockers, and a high chair big enough for three babies. What’s so cool is that the cradles and rocker are Zhu Zhu powered. You simply put a larger Zhu Zhu pet on it and it’s moving forward motion sets the gears to produce a turning motion.

My daughter helping me set up for the party...

These don’t take batteries and don’t move forward on the ground like the other types of Zhu Zhu Pets. I acutally prefer them because no matter what all the larger one we kept getting hair in the wheels. Speaking of wheels, later during the party we had stroller races on the kitchen floor. What fun that was!

The babies are cute as is but you can also purchase fun little outfits! We received a few and the kids really got a kick out of accessorizing them.

Buy It: I’m sure these are going to be a must have during the 2011 Holiday season. You can find places to purchase Zhu Zhu Pets on the Zhuniverse. Feel free to Like Zhu Zhu Pets on Facebook to learn more about their great products.

The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to The Hosting Company and MomSelect who supplied the products for the review.