The Jimmies | Practically Ridiculous {Kids Music Review}

Be prepared to add another favorite to your own and your kids collection of tunes. Yes, I promise you will probably love The Jimmies | Practically Ridiculous just as much as your kids. Quick, go mark your calendar for it’s Septebmer 20th release date!

Practically Ridiculous is a  mom friendly collection of tunes with fun funky beats that jump from hip hop, country, rock, and more. And what lovably unique lyrics about birthdays, bonfires, and being toothless, and tea parties!  Totally hard to believe that much could be packed into  just 13 songs! Seriously, what a ride this practically ridiculous collection of off the wall randomness and silly beats from the Jimmies takes you on! Oh, and you really need to hear how they completely rock out on the kazoo ( Totally made me tempted to pull out a kazoo and play along)!

My daughter is a fan of the Wash Up song and hey so am I! Nothing makes me happier than clean kids except maybe a latte and chocolate.  And though I’ve cringed at the sight of my kid playing in the DIRT I’ve learned to lighten up knowing they enjoy bath time just as much as playing outdoors.

I’ve caught my daughter singing along to the Tea Party song. It brought back memories of me having outdoor tea parties with my stuffed animals as a kid. I didn’t have a tea set so I remember taking random plastic bowls and cup out of the kitchen cupboards to use. My tea pot was acutally an old dish soap squirt bottle. I also recall getting dandelion flowers and crushing them up to be tea. My mom wasn’t  too happy about the gathered berries and mushrooms I found in the yard as tea party snacks (though I never ate them). Good times having tea parties in the sun and the perfect song to stir up memories.

Overall The Jimmies | Practically Ridiculous is a must have! Like I said, I’m sure you’ll probably love it just as much as your kids or maybe even more.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars! *****

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