Summer Harvest: Freezing Green Beans

This weekend I happened to get a rather large amount of green beans at my local farmers market. and since we won’t be eating them all at one sitting, I needed to freeze these and I’m going to share how it’s done! Blanching is one of those skills my mom taught me how to do  growing up. It brings back memories of shelling purple hulls as well as many other types of beans sprawled out on the kitchen floor with my mom and sisters that we got from friends and families gardens as well as our own.

What you need:

Green beans
Sauce pan

Freezer bags

How it’s Done…

1. Prepare your green beans by cutting or snapping each of the ends off as well as breaking them to size you’d like them to be.

2.  Start a pot of boiling water and season with salt. How much salt you add kinda depends on how big a batch you plan on freezing. I just eye it and do what feels right.

3.  Prepare a bowl of ice water for the after boiling process. Make sure you have trays of ice in freezer for this process ( I had to wait a little longer to prepare my batch because I almost never have ice in my freezer!)

4. Add your cut and snapped beans to boiling water and boil for 3 minutes time. I’d stir the beans around to make sure they were evenly spread in the process.

5.  After 3 minutes, take the beans out of the boiling water, and immediately submerge them into the prepared bowl ice water.  Keep them there for three minutes time!

6.  Remove the beans from the ice water, and dry them.  You can now stick them in freezer bags and put them in the freezer ready for use at a future date.

7. When ready to eat just pull them out of the freezer and cook in a preferred method. I tend to like to steam my vegetables because it tends not to overcook and remove the nutrients that are good for you.