How to make your own “AFFORDABLE” Autumn Wreath…

I love the Autumn season and this year I’m getting a little more crafty in decorating my home for it. I figure I’d start with a wreath since there was a score of great items to use for one (believe it or not) at the Dollar Store! My wreath turned out so nice that I’m probably going to go back for another wreath form and making a centerpiece for my dining room table. So how much did this project cost me? As little as $7.00 (Someone my husband showed this wreath too thought it cost $50 )! I adore decorating when it won’t break our budget!

The material I used and bought to make this wreath are

  • 1 Large Wreath Form (1.00)
  • 3 picks of leaves (3.00)
  • 6 pics variety pumpkin, squash, cat tail.. with leaves ($3.00 because they were 2 for 1.00)
  • I used about 6 sticks of glue in my little glue gun but I was being pretty generous.

To start, I plucked/cut all the leaves off the pics and sorted them by color piles. You don’t have to do that but I was making my life easier when it came to gluing everything on the wreath. I placed leaves and glued and placed and glued until my wreath was nice and full with none of the form showing through. I think added the pumpkins, squash, cat tails, and other embellishments on top of the leaves making sure to spread them about in a non uniform looking way. I then glued more leaves on my wreath until I was happy with it. Voila! So simple and such a fantastic crafty decoration to add to making my home more welcome during the Autumn season.

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