Gabby God’s Little Angel {Book Review}

Gabby God’s Little angel is book written to introduce children to the concept of how God has commanded  His angels watch over us. This is done in fun light hearted way centered specifically around the biblical passage found Psalm 91:9,11 which reads “The Lord is your protection… He has put his angels in charge of you.  They will watch over you wherever you go.”

The illustration are very eye caching having rich yet soft colors. Some of the text itself stands out in whimsical way fitting perfectly in with the pictures and story itself. I can see this being fun for the story teller knowing when they should push the point or action a bit more. I think this would be a wonderful feature for pre-readers and those brand new to reading along.

The story itself is lighthearted and I see it opening the door to many questions which is a great thing in sharing your faith with a child whether your own or in a classroom setting. This book would be good for children ages 3-6 years old and I’m going to say this one will probably go over better with girls than boys.

My daughter is much like the little girl in this story, mainly fearless and acts often in a spontaneous way. Boy does Gabby the assigned guardian angel have lots of protecting to do! This is such a fun little book that I’m sure will delight a child in learning about God’s love and protection

Gabby, God’s Little Angel is the first in Shelia Waslsh’s new series. I’m excited to see what the next story is about. You can purchase this particular title at right now for11.69 and it’s eligible for free super saving shipping.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Gabby, God’s Little Angel through the Book Sneeze book reviewers program, in exchange for my honest review.