A Doll and a Camera

I’m a member of the Amazon Vine review program and I thought I’d share my latest reviews on the Little Mommy My Very Real Baby Doll and the Fisher-Price Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera – Purple. Enjoy!

The  Little Mommy My Very Real Baby Doll wasn’t that much of a hit with my 3 1/2 year old daughter. After playing with this doll for a day she’s been tossed in the toy box and hasn’t made a return. This doll talks a lot and where as saying lots of different phrases she gets through about all of them in 5 minutes and then starts repeating them again. It’s cute that she’ll give you hugs, kisses, eat, sleep, and needs an boo-boo to be fixed but like I said, after awhile all that kind of got old. Her movements are kind of loud and if not held in the right way can jam up. This doll is also very hard so she wouldn’t be a good toy for snuggling or sleeping with. Her clothes aren’t removable so that was kind of a downside because my daughter likes to play dress up with her dolls. I think this doll is an okay doll for about 30-35 dollars but no more than that. Three out of 5 stars.

The  Fisher-Price Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera is the perfect gift for any 3-7 year old girl! My daughter was beyond thrilled that she was getting her own camera to use after always wanting to take part in taking the family photos. This camera gives her such independence and I love that I don’t have to worry about it accidentally getting broken because it’s super durable!

The buttons on the camera are very large, straight to the point, and easy to use! The special effect features are really fun as your child can add graphic stickers, frames, and more. The free pc software that comes from the manufacturer Web site has where your child can make books, cards, and other fun things!

We love this camera not only takes photos but videos too! This camera takes mildly decent photos and videos in low light but even better when outdoors or in more lighted areas.

The rotating lens on the camera is really neat because you can take pictures of yourself or whatever is in the front view of the camera. Overall this is a fantastic product and I’ll probably be purchasing one in the boy colors for my son when he’s older! Five out of Five stars!