Parenting a Preschooler…

I’ve been listening to The Strong Willed Child by Dr. Dobson. It’s been a very good listen and has been helping me quite a bit. My daughter as you all know has hit the age of three and where as I know she’s not as strong willed as some other kids, she has a will none the less. She’s always been independent and now she’s acting out a bit more than she has in the past. I guess some would say she’s becoming hard headed or hard of hearing. I know she hears me but sometimes she acts like she doesn’t and a battle begins. But this one she won’t win and I can’t let her. I’m mom and I know what’s best for her and I don’t want every day to be a challenge and struggle like it’s been becoming. I honestly have been dreading taking her out to the park or wherever else wondering if it’s going to be good or bad day and it shouldn’t be like that.

For an example I guess it really shouldn’t have surprised me that once my daughter could walk that she would just take off charging ahead. This is a great characteristic in life to be bold but to be bold without wisdom and sound judgement is a bad thing. I swear I’ve had my heart jump out of my chest on more than one occasion when she’d get a little to close to road, or dart out of the car in a busy parking lot, and when she’ll run off with a group of children in park we’ve never been to before. So when these things happen we quickly get down on her level and tell her she shouldn’t do these things and that she needs to listen to us. Sometimes she’s reasonable and other times she talks back and acts out in whiny fit. Usually when that happens we have to take her back to the car while she whines over us overruling her enthusiasm and the desire for independence.

I’ve been getting worn out with the “Why…?” response to things when corrected. And the “I’m doing it” phrase.  Curiosity and once again Independence. I simply having been giving my daughter the because I said so response. And that’s that. She shouldn’t always have to question my authority when it comes to things.  There’s a lot more to say on raising my preschooler and right now I’m dealing with her PICKY EATING but that’s another blog post.

And for the other parents out there dealing with these same issues know you aren’t alone. Sometimes I think I am when I am out in public and I see all the very well behaved children. I see their parents glances of disapproval of my child and at me. Makes me want to crawl under a rock and never leave the house! I’ve been finding Focus on the Family to be a very wonderful resource and highly recommend checking it out.