Owen’s 7 Months Update

Baby Stats: Height: 26 inches (56th Percentile) | Weight: 16 pounds, 9 ounces (23rd Percentile) |Head: 17 inches (30th Percentile)

Oh how so much can change in a months time and what better a time to write up and update on my growing baby boy. Hard to believe now at 7 months, he’s a lot of closer to being a toddler than a newborn. And in less than half a year he’ll be one! Time is totally of the  essence and we aren’t wasting the seconds which turn to minutes which turn to hours to days, to years that so quickly pass us by here on this earth.

Some of the the things Owen will do now simply amaze me! He’s so aware and so determined! Right now he will waves Hello and Goodbye. He’ll Stands While Holding Onto Something and sometimes lets go…and without a doubt he will be walking before his first birthday if he keeps it up. He’s already walking his toy grocery cart around the house.

He is enjoying eating! He will eat all sorts of foods and snacks ( mastered pincer grasp which is great for cereal, puffs, etc) and hasn’t rejected anything I’ve given him. He eats 4 ounces of food each meal on top of having three snacks a day, and he still nurses every 2-3 hours. He’s a growing boy and he burns a lot calories exploring the world around him. I’m glad he is such a good eater! He’s also getting pretty good at mastering drinking from his sippy cup.

We’ve gotten a break from teeth coming in this last week. He’s got four but I am pretty sure number 5 will be making it’s appearance this month. I’ve rarely given him anything but cool teething rings and frozen wash clothes to ease his sore gums. It seems to work well for him.

Some other things he can do are as follows…

He points at objects and will also look for hidden ones. He jabbers a lot. He loves to be read too. He’s still having stranger anxiety. One of his favorite toys is a knotted bear blanket. He brings toys together to make different sounds….Loves giving mommy wet kisses. Enjoys stroller rides. He likes the swing at the park and will giggle with excitement while he’s in it.

I’m sure there’s a few things here I am forgetting! I can’t wait to see what else 7 months has in store for us!