Our Trip to the Oregon History Museum

Owen and Me Posing by the wheel of the USS Oregon (BB-3)

One of the great places we visited this Summer was the Oregon Historical Society Museum. My husband, infant son, and I were able to go on a weekend while our three year old spent the day with her grandparents. We just didn’t think she’d be all the interested like we would…hmm, I take that back. We thought she’d be a little too interested and attempt to touch everything! Who can blame her though, I would love to have been able to pick things up but knew better as historical things need not be handled by numerous goers. And my daughter is total hands on learner too!

I enjoyed getting to learn so much about the state I am currently living in! Did you know most states have a state beverage? I didn’t know that. I learned that the state beverage of Oregon is milk! Apparently Oregon milk is recognized nationwide as the leader in the United States for milk quality!

One of the exhibits that my husband and I really enjoyed was on the USS Oregon (BB-3) which was a pre-Dreadnought Indiana-class battleship of the United States Navy. It was neat to learn all about this ship and stories that went along with it. For example on the ship they had a few pets which included a cat, dog, and a goat of all animals! And seeing all the neat artifacts which included clothes they wore, dishware, and lots of other things was a lot of fun! The museum did a great job putting together this exhibit as well as all the other ones they had. I know without a doubt that when the kids are old enough to understand the importance of learning state history that I’ll bring them back! It will make an awesome home school field trip! I’m so glad I snagged a deal to go to the museum off Groupon for half the price!