A perfect end to Summer with a trip to the zoo

This photo was taken near the end of the day at The Oregon Zoo located in Portland, Oregon.

It was a great way to close out Summer. School will be starting back next Tuesday and this really was the final fun trip before hand to see the Summer season out. Early this week we didn’t know if we were going to be able to make it because the family came down with a cold. It started with Owen and though everyone is pretty much better, I’m still feeling some ailments from it (coughing out a lung practically). I honestly think it’s because as mom’s we get the least sleep in the family so less time to get recuperated.

Melody loved playing with the Goats at the Oregon Zoo!

We spent about all day at the Zoo. We made our way through the whole zoo in about four hours before the Grandparents arrived. Then Melody went off and spent the remainder of the day with them . Time spent with my husband without the kids is rare over here. We still had the baby with us but he pretty much slept that entire time. It was the perfect day, the weather wasn’t too hot, there was a breeze and it was a well laid out Zoo with plenty of shady areas.

If we lived closer I think we would probably purchase one of those yearly passes or something for the Zoo. It’d be nice to go and just walk around and see the animals. It’s the perfect place for picnicking too. Plus with the ever changing exhibits and shows it would be great for homeschooling with the kids. So maybe we will in a couple of years time when the kids can enjoy it ever more! I was searching around and found a site called Family Fun Pass and apparently they’ve got some really awesome deals on places to visit for families! For example, right now I see they have where a family of four can visit 6 different locations (museums, zoos, etc…) for $50.00 in our area! I’ll definitely be checking this place out again next year when I start Summer activity plans.

Owen posing by a mother black bear statue and her two cubs.

I still can’t get over how big the Lions, Tigers, and Bears are!  The Polar Bears are always really fun to see even though they were mainly just lounging around. Melody was a fan of the Elephants and even got to see them having dirt baths. If I ask her now she says she really liked seeing all the animals and asks if we can go back to the zoo tomorrow. I’m so happy she enjoyed herself because I remember last year she was not as happy on her 2nd birthday when we went.

The whole reason we were able to go to the zoo this year was because the place where my husband works was having their annual Summer picnic. During this picnic they also have a prize drawing and my husband won a California Pizza Kitchen gift card this year! We’ve never been and are really looking forward to being able to go out. What a blessing!

Overall we had a wonderful time at the Oregon Zoo…nice weather, stress free kinda day since the kids weren’t in melt down modes. Those types are few and far between sometimes.  The zoo were great to catering to families and I loved there were even special areas for nursing mommies! Too often we visit places and there’s really nowhere to go to feed my baby in quiet! So thumbs up for that. Maybe we’ll be able to make it again next year. Time will tell!