Homemade Organic Baby Food

I spent this weekend making baby food and am proud to say  that I  have over a months supply currently in my freezer. I’m only really limited to the space we have. Oh, how nice it would be to have a deep freeze!  I so far have butternut squash, acorn squash, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, and pears all ready to serve up to my baby boy.  I figure if I designate a day or a three day weekend to making baby food that I’ll have a quite a stock! I really enjoy making baby food and am glad that I can! Seriously it’s cheaper, healthier, and safer! It makes me cringe when I hear stories about harmful chemicals and things like glass being in the ready made baby food in jars that you’d normally pick up for your baby to eat!

So how do I go about making my own baby food? Well, I have a list and I keep the fruit and vegetables in season in mind because you can usually get those at a better price! And that’s all the more reason to stock up! After purchasing my produce, I go from there. You can use the microwave or steam it on the stove till soft. I then put the desired tender veggies or fruit in my blender with a little bit of water. Adding more or less water all depends on what consistency you’d like your baby food to be. I like that it’s so easy and affordable to do. You don’t really need any special blenders of food trays whatever else.  You can easily use regular ice cube trays but make sure to cover them in plastic wrap while freezing to later transport into a freezer safe container or ziplock bag.

I do have a hand held food mill but I consider that easier to use on a daily basis instead of with larger batches. For instance if I wanted to quickly blend up a banana or something like that on the the fly.  I’m swearing by a food processor or blender for bigger batches!

When I’m ready to feed my little guy the food I’ve pre-made, I thaw out a couple of cubes in the fridge that morning so they are good and ready for later. But if I need a few cubes right away, I will thaw them in a bowl of warm water with a small bowl in a larger bowl or inside a plastic bag in the warm bowl of water. I will then warm the food up in my microwave for about 15 seconds always being sure to check the temperature of the food before I give it to my baby because there can be hidden hot pockets!

I’ve only done basic fruits and vegetables so far but in a few months, I’ll probably start adding a little more flavor with spices and mixing it up by creating my own combos. I can’t wait to whip up more baby food soon and I’ll be sure to share my experiences and suggestions here on my blog. Here’s an image/price comparison  to check out in the average difference making and buying baby food.