Owen’s first teeth showed up last week! My daughter didn’t start getting her first teeth till she seven months old! Though it varies for all children, I suspected it was going to be sooner for him. I knew the early symptoms all too well…the clingy moody behavior, odd sleeping patterns, biting of everything, a bit of a loss of appetite and the low-grade fever.

What was worse is that this week my family came down with a cold. So on top of Owen’s teething woes, he also caught the cold we had. It’s been a bit of a rough week for all of us but finally things are looking up.

I was armed and ready for the teething as I went through it once before with my daughter. And I’m a bit less frazzled this go around, thank goodness. As a first time parent you are kind of clueless for awhile!

I usually don’t like to give my kids medication but when they seem really miserable and there seems to be nothing I can personally do I tend to sway toward that direction. During some evenings when Owen just won’t go to sleep though he is so tired and without a doubt his gums are bothering him, I reach for the Boiron Homeopathic Medicine Camilia Teething Relief Single-Use Oral Doses. Shortly after giving that to him, he sleeps no problem. This product cost around 5.00 at my local grocery store for twenty doses but I just found out you can get a two pack of twenty for just 7.95 on Amazon! Needless to say, I’ll be purchasing this product from Amazon.

During the day time for his teething I swear by Sophie the Giraffe Teether. He does have a few other teething toys but this one is his favorite. And I love Sophie because she’s made of 100% natural rubber and uses food-grade paint meaning she’s safe so I don’t have to worry about lead paint or anything like that. She’s easy for Owen to handle. She’s got many great areas for Owen to munch down on to ease his teething pain such as the nubs on her head, her ears, and her feet. I think she’s cute and perfect for either a boy or girl. Her colors are soft and spots are probably visually stimulating to a baby. This toy does squeak so I would recommend keeping it away from animals like dogs. Owen finds the squeak amusing and laughs at it!¬† She may seem steep in price for around 20.00 but note you’ll probably not have to buy another teether again! She’s built to last!

I’m also a big fan of the Baltic Amber teething necklaces! They worked great with my daughter and are totally helping Owen out too! Immediate¬† differences have been the lack of drooling! They come in a variety of colors and other than the healing and helping properties I think they are really cute!