Happy First Day of Summer

In honor of the season, I decided to knit a fun little pouch for my iPod. Now my iPod can sit snugly and fashionably safe on my desk or on the go in it’s fun new cover! I want to try some new stitches and make my Kindle a sleeve too! I need to make a project to do list for my loom knitting. I’ve been knitting a lot lately and am pretty happy about keeping that resolution which is one on the top of my list for 2011!

Things to look forward  to this season is a trip to the Zoo which is paid for exclusively through where my husband works!  Another is visiting the Drive In movie theater…I’ve never been and we plan on dropping my daughter off with the Grandparents so we can enjoy a date night. Date nights are pretty scarce over here so it’ll be very welcome.  Sometime before September we’ve plans in the making to visit the Oregon History museum in Portland. I scored an awesome deal on admission through Groupon!

Owen is loving every bit of today as much as me. It’s finally seemed to warm up! Now here’s to hoping my bucket thriving tomato plants flourish with much fruit. And in light of produce I’d love to pick up a flat of strawberries soon to make a cobbler, pie, and freeze for whatever baking needs I may need and desire them for. I’m excited that the local farmers market is opening in my area tomorrow. I never made it out there last year but will for sure this year!