Enjoying places and parks close to home…

I’m aiming to visit and enjoy all the parks around my community and this weekend we got to explore Maddax Woods! This natural area has hiking trails, river access, and wildlife viewing. We caught sights of many squirrels and birds while we made our way through the trails. We also saw a very fuzzy black and red caterpillar, lots of busy buzzing bees, purple butterflies, a snail with a striped shell, and a slippery slimy little slug. Melody decided to become a carrier of leaves and was picking up practically everyone she came across cept’ for the muddy ones which she deemed as “Gross, Icky, Dirty, and Disgusting…).  We enjoyed our walk and will probably visit Maddax Woods again! It was fun to venture over the bridge and through the woods, to take in the beauty around us in the woods as well as the spacious Willamette River.

Another fun thing that we did was to hit up our local farmers markets! A place we’ve driven by but never visited before was Tony’s Fish Market in Oregon City! I love fish and seafood of all kind and was pleased to learn what a great selection they have to offer their customers! They even offer  fish processing to the public! So if you want them to fillet, smoke, can or vacuum pack your freshly caught fish, stop on in! Drives me to want to go fishing again really soon but until then I’ll enjoy what they have to offer! We picked up some tasty Crawdads and Salmon Jerky while we were there!

I love buying local… so I guess you can call me a localvore! Spicer Brother Produce was one of our stops as we were needing to stock up on fruit. We got some deliciously large local grown apples that I plan to make a cobbler out of, apple sauce, and dehydrate for on the go snacks! The great thing about this business is that if you buy so many pounds or crate size, you’ll get an even deeper discount compared to their already decently priced produce!

We also visited Wilco because I needed a larger wet pail for my cloth diapering needs. I basically just use a large 5 gallon bucket with a lid to contain my diapers till washing day. Wet Pails are great for containing the stink that comes with cloth diapering, especially during the summertime when it gets warmer and the stench grows a lot stronger.  I like to add baking soda, tea tree oil, and vinegar on occasion but it’s not that necessary. My diapers always come out with no odors and it’s been such a blessing to have a diaper sprayer! And since my little guy will be introduced to solids when he is 6 months old I plan on using disposable eco-friendly diaper liners to help making poopy diapers a lot easier to clean!