Month: June 2011

Loom Knit Bear, Mouse, or Monkey Ear {Tutorial}

This tutorial/pattern requires basic know how of chain casting on, e-wrapping, and the gather bind off. This pattern basically makes a half circle which makes the perfect Bear, Mouse, or Monkey Ear !

Supplies Needed

  • A Knifty Knitter  loom which can be found in the Knifty Knitter Round Loom Set though you can also purchase it separately. I used the red loom for this tutorial.
  • Any yarn works but I used one strand of Charisma Brown and the weight is 5.
    I’ve also done it with 2 strands of thinner yarn.
  • Knifty Knitter Hook tool
  • Crochet Hook
  • Plastic Needle or Metal Needle ( I prefer metal)


  1. Chain Cast On 10 pegs. You can use your knifty knitter or crochet hook. I find the crochet hook easier.
  2. E-wrap knit four rows onto the 10 casted pegs.
  3. Gather Bind Off. To do this, you’ll need to bring the first loop over to the second peg and knit over. Continue doing this with the remaining loops…2 over 3, 4 over 5, 6 over 7, 8 over 9, 9 over 10…
  4. Cut working yarn and leave a long enough tail to for sewing and pull that piece through the last remaining loop on the peg. This would be the 10th loop.
  5. Repeat step 1-4 and make another ear and sew the two wrong sides together! Or you can sew it differently together to get a different look.
  6. Repeat  steps 1-5 two make one more ear!
  7. Attach both to any hat you desire!
  8. Take lots of picture of your completed work!
  9. Share this Tutorial with others via Twitter, Facebook, and more!
  10. Please feel free to post picture links to your “animal eared” projects!

Half a Dozen Knitted Turtles!

I worked on these little guys over the weekend. Special thanks to Guppy Girl for the pattern!
My kids love these and they are such fun to make! I’m sure there’s going to more turtles in our home in the future.

And while learning how to make these guys, I tackled and successfully learned how to do the  the draw string cast on! Now I’ll be able to play around and make more fun friends a lot easier on my looms. Speaking of which, I’m going to be starting on a teddy bear in the next few days if time and children permit!

Basic Loom Knitted Cloth

This tutorial/pattern requires basic know how on the long loom but if you are a beginner, I’ve included links that were helpful to me of the techniques mentioned below from other knitters on Youtube.

Supplies Needed

  • Knifty Knitter 10” Long Loom which can be found in the Knifty Knitter Long Loom Set though you can also purchase it separately.
  • 3 oz worsted weight cotton yarn, such as Lily’s Sugar and Cream, Peaches & Cream or Lion Brand Cotton, wound into 2 balls.
  • Hook tool
  • Plastic Needle


Using two strands of yarn held together, cast on filling every peg except the two on each edge. (I did an e-wrap cast on).Here’s a video to show you how to cast on like this CLICK HERE.

Knit 20 rows wrapping back and forth across pegs on the top and bottom of the loom to knit a double thickness panel. This method is also known as double knitting on the long looms. (Click here to see how to do Figure Eight Wrap knit on a Loom)

Cast off and weave in tails. (Here’s a helpful video showing how.) One cloth takes me half an hour to an hour to complete without any interruption. The cloth measures at 7×7 completed but since it’s cotton note that it’ll shrink about an inch. 

Enjoy for yourself or gift your cloths to someone you know! These eco friendly wash cloths make great use in the bathroom and the kitchen!

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