TV Stand Solutions…

I have been spending  a little a time upgrading my home with nicer things lately. Not really the decor itself needs updated but more importantly the main essentials such as the the stand of which our television set is residing upon in the living room.

As we are getting closer and closer to becoming debt free it has been nice that I know I can look into future purchases to making my home more in the style of which my family and I can comfortably live in and enjoy even more so.

Our current TV stand isn’t much to brag about. It was the most affordable one we could get at the time and it does the job but it’s not exactly all that stable or eye appealing. Basically, we have a stand and then on top of the stand is a make shift shelving unit with the our DVD player, sound system, and wii on it. And on top of that rests our 50in plus TV. Like I said for our needs it gets the job done but it’s not very style savvy.

I was browsing TV stands on the internet just the past week and was excited about the results I was getting within my current price range! I came across a very nice television stand – For up to 55″ flat screen tv that would look great in my home! The stand also had an enclosed cabinet which is a plus to a mom of two children under the age of 3. Children get drawn to all those fun looking buttons and shiny lights so keeping electronics out of their reach is a must! Plus it’ll nicely contain whatever is inside keeping it free of dust because I am not a fan of dusting more than twice a week!

The website in which I was checking out had lots of tv stand solutions ranging from prices twenty-five to five hundred dollars. I found it very convenient to be able to search by  by color, maximum screen size to fit , brand, price, and there’s even a section called “Have you thought about…?” which suggests similar items of which you’re searching for! On top of all that, there are also customer reviews which rate by Appearance/Style, Cable Management, Ease of setting Up, Shelf Space, and value for money! I love it! Hands down, purchasing a television shelving unit couldn’t’ get any easier than that!