Three Years Old

It seems just like yesterday I was cradling my baby girl in my arms. She is and will always be one of the most precious gifts and blessing that was bestowed upon on my husband and I because she is our first child. And it’s a little hard for me to admit that she’s growing up. She’s no longer a baby. She’s a mini little person.

It’s true that Melody has not only shaped our world but the world of everyone she meets. She’s a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. There’s always seems to be a smile on her face ever since she started smiling. I’m in awe also on how she makes new friends very easily.

She’s a very independent little girl. She loves doing and discovering new things all on her own. Did I mention she’s very observant and perceptive? She’s continued to amaze us with her talents and her skills ever since she was crawling at 4.5 month and walking at 7-8 months. She to this day keeps taking on the world in leaps and bounds.

Her creativity and play amazes me. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to see the world through her eyes. She has an outstanding imagination! Forget toys, she can take the most random object and bring it to life. Her art skills are acutally pretty impressive for a three year old too. And even if she couldn’t draw a thing,  I’d still be very proud of her.

My daughter through such wondrous simplicity has taught me so much. Amazing how that works isn’t it? As much as my husband and I as parents are to lead and teach, we are being taught lessons ourselves. What a joy and experience to have her as our daughter. She’s my inspiration. And it still brings tears to my eyes to see her growing up so fast!

Happy Birthday Melody. We love you so much!

How as a parent have you handled your child turning 3?