Things Need to Get Steamy in Here

My family and I are living in a rental duplex. And with it being a rental, we are pretty much subject to the quality of the place to how much time, effort, and money that the landlords want to put into it. It’s pretty decent place and we haven’t quite had any major problems living here after a years time.

I’m not one to complain but one thing in the place that I would love to have replaced or cleaned would definitely be the carpet. I’m quite sure that this carpet is the original carpet put it when the place was built and it possibly has never seen a steam cleaner at all. And I say this because after vacuuming two to three time a week I have to empty out my vacuum. You wouldn’t believe the dust and dirt my vacuum continually picks up. And it’s not like we wear our shoes indoors and track dirt all over the house. I’m glad my vacuum is doing it’s job but I know this carpet needs a lot more than that. It needs a full deep clean from a top quality carpet steam cleaner.

I guess I would start my search in the yellow pages or ask around for a good business. The problem is that I never save my phone books. I literally had about a stack of twenty sitting around in my home at one time. We get so many from the various counties and districts that it’s seriously just crazy to keep all those around. I decided to search online and came across erento.

Erento is a company that has where you can hire in or hire out. Say you are looking for a bouncy castle, a maid service, electrician, or whatever else. You can search on that site to find exaclty what you need.Once you find whatever you are looking for, you’ll be able to see a pricing over view by calculation of cost by location and days or weeks of the service you may need. I love seeing the overall cost upfront, it’s easier to budget that way.

Though this may a great company for some, I couldn’t find any steam cleaners in my area as it’s mainly limited to the UK and top US cities, maybe they’ll expand their horizons soon. So for me the search continues on! I will hopefully get my carpet sparkly clean. That is if carpet can sparkle.