My First Collection Set | Scholastic Treasure DVD {review}


This month, Scholastic Storybook Treasures debuts the “My First” series, an exciting new line of DVDs created specifically to support early literacy skills and a love of reading in the pre- and early reader.  The debut release, MY FIRST COLLECTION FEATUR ING SPLAT THE CAT is a 3-DVD set featuring 14 stories with a run time of 100 minutes plus extras! It’s beautifully adapted from the book versions that, together, have won more than 15 awards, including the Caldecott Medal, NAPPA Gold, and American Library Association Notable Books.

We’ve seen a lot of the stories in the Scholastic Treasury DVD storybook collection and this set by far is our favorite!  The stories featured in this collaboration are geared specifically toward children ages two through six years old. My daughter will be three in a few weeks and I can vouch that she’s just the right age for all of the stories featured.

These tales are full of such whimsy and the narration really keeps the viewer drawn into the story. The illustrations brings such life into the tales and not one illustrated story is the same much like the books themselves.

Children can learn about cooperation, friendship, memorization, sharing, and enhance early reading skills with the read along feature. The stories that are on this collection are as listed;

SPLAT THE CAT…AND OTHER FURRY FRIENDS – Features four beautifully adapted stories led by the title tale from best-selling author/illustrator Rob Scotton (“Splat” and “Russell the Sheep” series).  In “Splat the Cat”, the first day of school is always tough so Splat brings his mouse pal, Seymour, along.  However, Splat quickly learns that cats are supposed to chase mice!  Other entertaining stories include “Hondo & Fabian”, “Picnic” and Leo Lionni’s “Leo the Late Bloomer”. Celebrity narrators include Tim Curry and Mary Beth Hurt, and the DVD also includes an interview with Splat the Cat Author/Illustrator Scotton.

THE STORY ABOUT PING…AND OTHER FINE FEATHERED FRIENDSStories include the timeless classic “The Story About Ping” in which a young duck gets separated from his family, meets a new friend and sets off on a series of exciting adventures together as they search for Ping’s family. Four additional award-winning stories are featured, including “Goose”, “The Most Wonderful Egg in the World”, “Duck on Bike” and “Rosie’s Walk”. As an added bonus, the DVD also contains a Spanish Language version of “The Story of Ping”.

THE NAPPING HOUSE…AND OTHER STORIES THAT RHYME – This delightful new DVD featuring narrators such as Catherine O’Hara (SCTV) and “Bear Snores On” author/illustrator, Karma Wilson, highlights “The Napping House” from Don and Audrey Wood.  In this beloved classic, Granny and all the critters in her house pile on her bed for a nap…until a little flea caus es a big stir!  Other stories include “Each Peach Pear Plum”, “Drummer Hoff”, “Bear Snores On”, “Wild About Books”.Supports Friendship; Reading Skills; Cooperation

I highly recommend this collection to add your own personal DVD library today!

Want to buy it? Aside from being part of the MY FIRST COLLE CTION set, each of the DVDs which also include Scholastic’s innovative Read Along function, will also be available individually for $12.95srp. The collection in itself cost $24.95 and should be released on May 10th, 2011!

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Disclaimer: I received the mentioned DVD’s to review from Weston Woods, Studio (Scholastic: and Foundry Communications(Beth Blenz-Clucas).