He Likes to Move it Move it.

How is my little baby boy almost four months old? It seems like time has just flown by since he arrived! He’s growing by leaps and bounds and already wearing 6 months clothes!

Lately Owen has been doing really well in sitting up by himself! He’s really happy about being able to sit up for a minute or two at a time. I bet in a few more weeks he’ll be able to sit up by himself for even longer, he’s so strong!

For awhile now Owen’s been off and on in rolling from tummy to his back and has attempted to go from back to tummy too. He’s also getting really good at pushing himself forward during tummy time. Often times, depending on his determination he’ll have moved a few feet forward or backwards!

I need to get some video footage of him doing his sit ups when he is laying down! Honestly, this kids strength blows me away!