Graduation Announcements

I was a homeschool student so I never had a very formal graduation. It would have been wonderful if my friends and family members would’ve been able to attend and rejoice in my accomplishment. It’s extremely sentimental in celebrating moving on to the next step in life whether it was for career or college. But alas that’s not how things panned out.

Though I know for a fact home school groups do put on graduation ceremonies for their students. My husband who was also homeschooled still has his diploma of completion and hat and gown from his graduation. Graduating is something very deep and touching to my own soul, it’s something to be proud of! I am totally going to be making a big deal out of graduation for my own children.

Years from today since my kids are still a bit young for graduation, I am going to be looking to Tiny Prints for announcements, invitations, and thank you cards that revolve around graduation. Actually when I think about it, if I celebrate my daughter’s completion of kindergarten of which I am sure I’ll do, I’ll have two and a half years to start planning!

I am a fan of Tiny Prints and have used the in purchasing Baby Announcements, Christmas Cards, and Photo Books. The quality is top notch and their site is very easy to navigate and use in personalizing to your every whim! I highly recommend them!

Disclosure: I wrote this post as party of a campaign for Tiny Prints, through Global Influence. I will be receiving a gift certificate as thanks for my time in posting.