Don’t Go Mommy…

Owen is a week shy to turning five months old and we’ve entered the separation anxiety stage that most if not all babies and children commonly go through.  I went through this stage with my daughter as well and it went away on it’s own around when she turned one years old.  I have a hunch that it’s going to be more of a challenge to handle with my son though. He seems quite a bit more attached to me. It used to be my first born, Melody was pretty happy with either mommy or daddy but when Owen is upset, he wants just me.

It breaks our hearts as a mommy to see them stressed and unsure of what’s going on and to think we are leaving them and not coming back! The plus is that we know the bond we have worked at and created with our child is very strong and I know meeting attachment needs now will usually produce a very strong, capable, independent child as I’ve seen come to pass with my daughter.

Since I’m a stay at home mommy I usually don’t have too many instance where I have to be separated from my children. Church is a big one for us though. Today he was not happy at all in the nursery. He cried and cried and cried and the only thing that made him happy was to be in my arms. Normally if he cries from more than five minutes or so I know it’s time to take him out of there. I don’t want him stressed for the entire day and breaks my heart and stresses me to hear him cry while I’m in the church service ( not to mention the poor nursery workers).

Today was very rough day for us both. So I may start keeping him with me in the service for awhile or make use of the nursing mother’s room if he’s upset. I would have today but there were other mommies in there and no space for us. We ended up just going out to the car.

How did you end up handling this stage with your children?